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UK entry formalities for foreign nationals

The UK has introduced its Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program for foreign travelers exempt from UK visa requirements. This online travel authorization process for travel to the United Kingdom concerns :

To apply for an ETA online in just a few minutes, simply click on the online form.

The list of member countries of the Visa Waiver Program is updated regularly. The number of countries eligible for ETA authorization is gradually increasing.

The first countries to obtain the ETA system for the United Kingdom were Middle Eastern countries:

All European countries will soon be added to the UK’s ETA system. Their nationals will therefore be able to apply for an ETA online, rather than obtaining a visa for England from US, for example.

What are the different types of English visa?

There are several different English visas for travel to the UK. The type of visa depends mainly on :

The main visas used to stay in the UK are the English business visa, the student visa and the tourist visa.

What are the formalities for tourist travel to the United Kingdom?

Formalities for short-term tourist stays depend on the traveler’s profile. Foreign tourists are mainly found in the following three situations:

Do I need an ETA to transit the UK?

When a traveler transits the UK, he or she must be in possession of an administrative authorization. This authorization may be a transit visa or a UK ETA. This obligation also applies to travelers who do not pass through British border control: for simple transit through a British airport, you must first obtain an ETA for transit through the UK.

What are the main destinations within the UK?

England’s capital is the most popular destination for entering the UK. Travelers apply for a London visa when they travel to England. It’s not the only English destination: travelers also make numerous requests for a Liverpool visa or a Manchester visa application. England’s major university towns also welcome many tourists, who obtain a visa to travel to Oxford, or further north of London with a visa to Cambridge.

Farther north in the UK, many travellers buy a visa for Birmingham, England. Some travel even further north in Scotland, with a visa for the capital Edinburgh or a visa for Glasgow.

Wales is also a destination for foreign travelers. Travelers must have a visa for Cardiff.