UK entry rules for foreign travellers from 2024

By the end of 2024, the UK will have implemented its electronic travel authorization (eTA) program for foreign travelers exempt from UK visa requirements. This includes those visiting the UK for tourism, family or friendly visits, short-term business or study trips, as well as transit travelers.

European citizens, or those from the USA and other nationalities who can currently travel to the UK without a visa for a stay of up to six months, will be affected by this new administrative travel authorization requirement. This UK ETA system is similar to the ESTA system for travel to the USA.

Do I need an ETA to transit the UK?

It will be compulsory to have obtained an ETA for travelers in transit to the UK. This obligation will also apply to travellers who do not pass through UK border control. So even if you don’t leave the airport transit zone, you will still need to obtain an ETA to transit the UK.